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4 Myths about Outsourcing Data Annotation

4 Myths about Outsourcing Data Annotation

As the use of computer vision in applications across industries explodes, one thing is certain: high-quality data is the linchpin.

To get data that’s of the highest caliber, you need humans to interpret it with near-perfect accuracy—especially in safety-critical applications like autonomous driving. Companies need accurately labeled datasets to train and continuously validate machine learning algorithms. No pressure.

Even the smartest AI companies are struggling to do this at scale. Many fear that using a partner to label their data can pose a risk to their business. But why? Because there’s a lot of noise and misconceptions about outsourcing data annotation.   


Here are 4 of the biggest myths we hear:

1. My data won’t remain private or secure.

The top reason companies keep their annotation projects in house is the fear of losing control of their data. We get it—there’s some seriously cool (and often secretive) research happening in the world right now. That’s why top AI practitioners look to trusted partners who obsess about security protections.

At Mighty AI, we understand the importance of data privacy and security. As an ISO 27001 compliant organization, we’ve been audited and verified by an external testing agency and have conducted extensive penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Our annotators have to agree to our Terms of Service before gaining access to our customers’ data. We host all media in private S3 buckets and provide users access only to the images associated with a single annotation task at a time (via temporary expiring URL) while they’re  working on that specific task.

In-house solutions might feel secure, but they don’t scale. They’re a huge time suck for people building products…which brings us to our next point.


2. It’s too expensive to hire a third-party provider.

You already pay the best and brightest computer vision engineers and data scientists—why look beyond your office walls? Because training computer vision models is tough when you’re relying on internal resources. You didn’t hire your team to spend their days tediously collecting and labeling massive amounts of raw data. 

There’s a better option. Bring in the training data experts.

Mighty AI works closely with your team to understand your project needs and configure bespoke annotation workflows to achieve your requirements at scale and on budget. We’ve built a platform for computer vision data that our customers can use to accelerate and scale training for their models. Our powerful combination of machine and human intelligence allows us to maximize annotation efficiency and reduce costs to you.


3. The annotators aren’t skilled or specialized enough.

We know what you’re thinking: “Nobody knows my model better than I do.” And you are right. However, our team of specialists have deep expertise configuring annotation workflows for different use cases across industries and applying that experience to help anticipate edge cases, optimize workflows, and improve outcomes for our customers.

Unlike traditional crowdsourcing services that rely on a crowd of unvetted and unmonitored workers to annotate your images, Mighty AI’s platform leverages machine learning to rank and target the best annotators to complete your tasks. We carefully curate, train, support, and constantly monitor our community of annotators to ensure they produce high-quality annotations for our customer’s data.

Let’s say you need to complete a segmentation project with very little room for error. We have a subset of annotators that are extremely good at performing segmentation tasks and we can target them for your project, while we actively monitor the quality of their annotations.


4. My use case is too difficult.

We’ve done complicated! We work with companies developing a wide range of applications and use cases, and our projects run the gamut from simple image classifications to full segmentations of complex scenes.

Mighty AI has focused on perfecting training data in the automotive space in recent years. Working closely with some of the world’s top computer vision talent to solve what is arguably the greatest safety challenge of our generation has given us the expertise to create the industry’s highest-quality training datasets. And we now apply that expertise to serve other industries to help develop computer vision applications for cashier-less stores, visual search for e-commerce websites, product inspection for manufacturing facilities, and many others.

Our own automated machine learning systems monitor results so your team doesn’t have to. We guarantee quality and service, no matter how intricate the work may be. What are you waiting for?

Connect with us to learn how we can help give your team a break.


image credit: Helloquence (via Unsplash)