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In our hearts, always.

In our hearts, always.

It is with deep sadness that I share that my cofounder, and our beloved former CEO Matt Bencke, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. My deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones, especially his wife, Amy, and their two daughters, Anna and Elsie. 


It’s difficult to express what a profound impact Matt has had on my life, as well as the lives of our Mighty AI colleagues. In addition to being a good friend and just all-around wonderful human being, Matt was a visionary leader. He was Coach Taylor from “Friday Night Lights,” with a gift for rallying the team around a shared mission. He had a palpable energy about him that I will miss dearly.


Every Friday, we host an all-staff lunch. During these lunches, team members present on projects they’re leading, show off hacks they’ve developed, or share an update on something exciting happening at the company. In the early days, Matt began a tradition where new people on our team would introduce themselves to their colleagues by giving a presentation about their background, hobbies, families, and passions. This tradition lives on today, even as we surpass the 55-employee milestone.


This to me exemplifies Matt as a colleague. It was important to him that, no matter how much we grow, we take the time to learn more about each other than just our names and titles. That we actively seek to find common connections with one another and embrace what makes each of us who we are.


It is my honor to lead Mighty AI forward in executing on our vision—a vision Matt believed in deeply—to tap the world’s potential brainpower to train artificial intelligence engines. All of us here at Mighty AI will hold him in our hearts forever.


Matt, we love you, always.