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Introducing Mighty Anonymize on Amazon SageMaker

Introducing Mighty Anonymize on Amazon SageMaker

Mighty AI today launched its newest product offering, Mighty Anonymize, to help protect the privacy of individuals in image data. Available on the new Amazon Web Service (AWS) ML Marketplace, Mighty Anonymize uses state-of-the-art deep learning and computer vision techniques to automatically detect, localize, and redact human faces in digital images.


A High-Recall Privacy Solution for Street Scenes

With Mighty Anonymize, computer vision teams can confidently blur pedestrian faces to protect their privacy, with the ability to control the size and intensity of the blur. By blurring tight areas of the image, Mighty Anonymize can fully and irreversibly obscure faces with minimal impact on the surrounding image quality.

Mighty Anonymize is tuned to maximize recall, ensuring that as many faces as possible are captured and blurred, including small faces that are difficult to detect. Optimized for street scenes and dashcam imagery, Mighty Anonymize can redact faces even in profile, in the background, or in crowds.



How Do I Start?

If your projects require pedestrian anonymization, you can subscribe to Mighty Anonymize through AWS ML Marketplace. You can run the model using AWS SageMaker, either in real-time inference mode or in batch mode, depending on your needs. You pay as you go and can cancel anytime. To help you get started, we offer a seven-day free trial.

For more details and to get started, check out our user guide or Jupyter notebook. You can also contact our support team at


About Mighty AI

Mighty AI generates high quality training and validation datasets for teams building computer vision models for autonomous systems. Our fully managed approach to image labeling delivers highly complex ground truth data and model validation at enterprise scale. We consult with every client to configure annotation workflows based on unique project specifications and flexibly tune each project as requirements evolve. Our industry-leading cloud-based annotation tools (including segmentation, bounding boxes, keypoints, polylines, metadata attribution and more), global community of trained annotators, and machine learning-based quality assurance systems enable us to generate millions of complex ground truth labels and validate detection model output with guaranteed accuracy. If you are interested in learning more about Mighty AI, reach out to our team today.