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A New Spare5 Experience: Introducing XP, Levels, & Skills

A New Spare5 Experience: Introducing XP, Levels, & Skills

From our humble start as a roadside iced tea stand upstate, it’s been our mission to make tasking fun, rewarding, and a productive way to spend free time. We’ve come quite a ways since those early days in no small part due to our community’s feedback and ideas. With “fun” and “rewarding” especially close in mind, we bring your our latest development: Experience Points (XP).

You’ll now be able to track your experience level on skills for the tasks you do! As our gamer friends are familiar with, XP measure your activity level on Spare5. You earn XP by tasking away as usual. XP accumulates for each type of Skill (writing, phone surveys, web research, and so on) required for various tasks, as well as for your overall Spare5 history.

As for Skill Level, this is a number—Level 1, Level 2, etc.—that indicates you’ve reached a specific amount of XP in that Skill. The more tasks you complete in a specific Skill, the more XP you earn for that Skill, and the higher your level within the Skill.


Where do XP—and Levels—take you? More to say there soon, but expect higher-level Fives to have consistent opportunities to land earlier task access, higher payouts, and fun exclusives. (There’s that word again.)

Need a bit more info? Check out the FAQs.

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Happy tasking!