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It Takes a Village: The Spare5 *Community*

It Takes a Village: The Spare5 *Community*

From the day we founded Spare5, we had a somewhat crazy goal. Okay, we actually had (and have) quite a few ambitious goals. The one that is top of mind for me today is creating a sense of community among a global, diverse group of people who choose to spend their spare time in our app and website.

We affectionately refer to our users as “Fives.” Everyone has passions, skills, insights, and free time. When they feel like it, we want people to trust Spare5 as the place they go to spend their spare moments productively.

We reward our Fives with micro-payments. We make it easy for them to donate to over 1.4 million charities. We give them feedback, tutorials, support, experience points, levels, and most of all, a sense of small achievements for doing well. Our formula is really pretty simple: make it fun, require true identity, and reward quality with more tasks, bonuses, and opportunities. Spare5 wants you to enjoy small doses of happiness and change for contributing to our community.

What’s so cool about a community is that it fosters transparency, accountability, support, and improvement. Sounds cool right? Well, the best part for those of us at Spare5 is when we hear from one of our Fives—which we do, many times each day. Sometimes that’s critical feedback, and sometimes it just feels great to bask in our mutual respect. So I couldn’t resist sharing this quick blog, when I read Amanda W’s feedback recently:

Spare5: What do you enjoy most about Spare5?
Amanda: I love that Spare5 takes the time to treat fives like people. Factories, CEOs, and businesses could learn a lot from Spare5. I love that I got my T-shirt and I appreciate that I was considered to be the featured individual. So many organizations lack the skills and abilities to make people feel like people. Spare5 is not one of those organizations.

Spare5: Why do you task?
Amanda: I home school my kids and work part time as an adjunct instructor at a local community college in my area. Spare5 gives me the opportunity to get little extras for my kids or just to allow ends to meet during the summer when I am out of work. Spare5 helped pay for my vacation. In fact, I saved nearly $400 for it. Spare5 and a little time paid for my hotel.

Here’s a big thanks to you, Amanda, and to our global community of Fives. We’re working hard for you every day. Thanks to your insights, Mighty AI (Spare5’s parent company) is able to provide the world’s leading Training Data as a Service™ solution for computer vision and natural language. We are powering the top applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Or, as I put it to my mom, our community is training computers to understand, think, and communicate more like us, for us.

Note: Prior to January 10, 2017, Mighty AI was known as Spare5. While Spare5 remains the name of our consumer brand and application, we’ve relaunched our business-customer side as Mighty AI, which also serves as the parent company under which Spare5 now lives. Some posts on and have been updated with the new company name to ease confusion.