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Making Mighty AI the Best Place to Work

Making Mighty AI the Best Place to Work

I have an ambitious goal for everyone who works at Mighty AI: to make it the best place they’ve ever worked. That’s a little zany considering our team’s caliber and prior job history. But imagine the power and joy of a team who feels that much zip in their step every day!  

A good indicator that we’re on our way? Seattle Business Magazine recently recognized Mighty AI as the #8 best small business to work for in Washington state, the second consecutive year we’ve made the list. Sure, a plaque with our name on it is nice, but what makes this honor meaningful is that it’s awarded based on our employees’ opinions of their experience working here.

Creating a great place to work is not a one-and-done exercise. To me, it’s at least as much about how we work, as it is what we do. We all need to demonstrate consistent effort to live the values we’ve chosen.

Since we’ve grown to more than 45 (!!) people, we recently decided to revisit our company values to include new perspectives. Through a series of several group discussions, anonymous surveys, one-on-ones and other feedback loops, we considered what we stand for. It was a positive, motivating, introspective exercise that brought together our diverse voices. We ultimately refreshed our values, adding two and editing several. I’m proud to share these today. Read below to see how we roll.

We always welcome discussion on our values—we’re pretty passionate about them. If you’re considering joining our team, let me know what you think!


We make bold bets to build something great and enduring.


We care for ourselves and each other. We help, encourage, and mentor so that we can learn, grow and have fun. We disconnect responsibly, trusting that our business is in good hands.


We show personal accountability by taking initiative, fulfilling commitments, doing more with less money, and remaining humble enough to openly admit when we’re wrong.

Debate & Commit

We have strong opinions, loosely held. We debate, then move forward with unity.

Transparent Teamwork

We are candid about our data, strategy, and challenges; we listen more than we speak; we reach out across functions; and we build on each other’s ideas.


We embrace diversity in all its forms and we are a stronger team as a result.


We celebrate when we meet and exceed goals, as well as when we learn from mistakes.


We strive to delight our customers, Fives, and investors. We always represent each of their voices in discussions.

Always Learning

We are at the cutting edge of a dynamic field that will change the world. We must keep learning, and be unafraid to challenge our past tactics and conventional wisdom.