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Sample Training Dataset for Autonomous Driving Now Available

Sample Training Dataset for Autonomous Driving Now Available

Mighty AI helps companies get the datasets they need to train and scale their AI models. You probably already know getting this data isn’t easy.

And much of that work is even tougher for the teams building computer vision systems for autonomous driving and navigation. It takes lots and lots of data to train vehicles to understand their complex environments. Like, petabytes-generated-weekly lots—and that rate is increasing.

That’s why we’re especially excited to announce our brand-new sample dataset for baselining autonomous driving data.

Now, this is not a comprehensive dataset with aspirations of becoming the next CityScapes or KITTI. It’s a limited sample set of 200 fully segmented images of a specific Seattle-area route. You won’t want to use them to train your own model (unless you want to smart it up on a select few byways in the Emerald City), but you’ll get a sample of the tremendous amount of detail that goes into training autonomous vehicles to see and “think” like humans.

Our sample dataset reflects the accurate labeled data we send back to our customers, helping them develop safe, AI-powered autonomous vehicles.

Head over and download it today at