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Announcing Spare5’s Refer-A-Friend Program

Announcing Spare5’s Refer-A-Friend Program

Ever been tasking on your favorite Spare5 task and thought, I’ll bet so-and-so would really dig this, too? Well then, this is for you: our new Refer-a-Friend program makes it easy and rewarding to invite your friends to experience Spare5. For every pal you refer, you can earn up to $20 (and your friend will cash in, too)! It goes like this: Each time your buddy earns $10, you get a $2 bonus, and he or she gets an extra $1. This runs through your friend’s first 30 days and their first $100 in earnings (whichever comes first).

How to invite new peeps

You’ll find your personal invite link both in the iOS app and in Webtasks.

On your phone: look for “Invite” on the main nav bar:


On the web: Click on that bagel-looking thing (yep, it’s a bagel. For now. You’ll see what we mean) in the upper left corner of the page. Follow the prompts to learn more and start referring:


Grab your invite code and share that puppy out via email, text, social media, or yelling it at passersby*.

Thoughts? Questions? We’re always listening here:

Thanks for being part of our community!

*not recommended, but you do you

image credit: Taken by BreakingPic via CC0 1.0