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Fives Spotlight: Get to Know a Few Terrific Taskers!

Fives Spotlight: Get to Know a Few Terrific Taskers!

It’s no secret we think the Spare5 Community is pretty dang super. We’re always bragging about our Fives, chit-chatting with Fives in-app, and even featuring fantastic Fives on Facebook.

But why should you listen to boring old us, when you can hear the awesomeness directly from the Fives themselves?

That’s why we brought a few of our favorite local Fives together, bribed them with pizza, turned on the cameras, and let them share their Spare5 stores. They told us how they got started, why and where they task, and just let us revel in their Fiveness. When they all become big stars, now we can say we knew them when (and don’t forget the little folks, guys).

So check out the Spare5 stories of Becca, Jeff, and Wes below. We had so much fun getting to know these fab Fives even better, and hope you’ll enjoy hearing about their experiences.



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