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Why Partner with Mighty AI

Mighty AI gives your customers the data they need to build amazing computer vision models for their AI products.


Bundle Mighty AI with your services and solutions so your customers can accelerate their AI adoption.


Integrate our solution into your product to increase AI performance through high-quality training data.


Refer potential customers who need help training their AIs and receive a referral fee.

Mighty AI Partner Program Benefits


Account management and sales engineering specialists assist with account planning, training, and customer calls. You’ll also get access to on-demand resources through the Mighty AI Partner Portal.

Post-Sales Support

Ongoing sales and technical support guarantee that you and your customers will succeed with Mighty AI.


Joint marketing opportunities, deal registration, co-branded marketing material, demo accounts, and ongoing support to help build pipeline.

Pricing Discounts

The more you sell, the better your margins.

The Mighty AI Difference

Built for scale & accuracy

A full stack (all the way from infrastructure & tooling to testing & validation)

Community of skilled annotators

Guaranteed privacy & security

Predictive modeling based on our proprietary data science

Confidence that you’re getting the best results

Partner Spotlight

As our services partner (and investor), Accenture knows that AI requires powerful data tools and solutions to drive the next wave of business and societal transformation. Our partnership gives customers a more streamlined experience as they execute across the full AI stack to apply their models.

Intel Capital, Intel’s strategic investment organization, backs innovative startups targeting computing and smart devices, cloud, datacenter, security, the Internet of Things, wearable and robotic technologies and semiconductor manufacturing. Intel promotes and sells Mighty AI’s training data services to its global customers.

Mighty AI is part of the IBM Watson ecosystem, and it provides high-quality, domain-specific human insights that IBM and its partners need to train Watson so it is fully equipped to enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise.

“Data is the fuel required to power AI solutions, but many clients lack the right tools and solutions to achieve the business value they are looking for from their AI initiatives. By teaming with Mighty AI, we see a great opportunity to break this bottleneck, accelerate the integration of training data, and drive better business outcomes more rapidly.”

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Accenture