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Our Products

The Mighty AI platform handles all aspects of the data lifecycle. By relying on a purpose-built platform to generate training datasets for computer vision systems, you can focus on getting your products to market faster.

Mighty Studio

From data ingestion to managing and exporting annotations, Mighty Studio simplifies the process of managing, labeling, and validating massive amounts of raw data throughout the computer vision development lifecycle.

  • Media ingestion tools
  • Downscaling and format conversion
  • Secure media storage and management
  • Filters to find data with specific classes
  • Review portal to easily understand dataset quality
  • REST API to enable automated data ingestion and annotation pipeline
  • Proven workflow templates for common needs

Mighty Tools

Mighty Tools is a secure cloud-based annotation software suite that empowers you to create the annotations you need for developing and validating autonomous perception systems.

  • Polylines, Bounding Boxes, Keypoints, Cuboids, Semantic Segmentation, Metadata Attribution
  • Cloud-based tools to efficiently validate perception model output
  • Instructions and training tutorials to quickly onboard new annotators
  • Localized instructions to enable annotation by a multilingual workforce

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Mighty Quality

Mighty Quality is a proprietary real-time monitoring system to ensure the quality of data annotations. Our suite of core metrics enables customers to better understand the datasets generated on the Mighty AI platform.

  • Quantitative metrics for tracking all aspects of quality: Recall, Precision, Geometric Correctness, and Label Accuracy
  • Real-time system monitors output on an individual basis, rebalancing the annotator pool to remove substandard annotators
  • Monitor the performance of internal annotation teams, even if distributed around the world

Mighty Computer Vision

Mighty Computer Vision is a continually expanding set of computer vision algorithms available for use on the Mighty AI platform to improve speed, ensure quality, and reduce costs.

  • Semi-Automated Annotations
  • License Plate Blurring
  • Face Anonymization

Mighty Community

Mighty Community is a worldwide community that provides our customers with timely, high-quality annotations, offloading the burden to find, train, and manage a pool of annotators to generate ground truth data.

  • Expert global community allows for annotations 24 hours/day
  • Training on Mighty Tools eliminates annotator on-boarding time
  • Available at a moment’s notice to instantly scale customer annotation programs
  • Community members covered by confidentiality agreement
  • Automated annotation management process with Mighty Studio
  • Close integration with Mighty Quality eliminates the need to find and correct annotation errors

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