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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Mighty AI helps you train and validate computer vision models to accelerate your retail application development with high-quality data.

Shelf Stocking & Product Labeling

Build powerful vision-based inventory management solutions by annotating items at the SKU level to identify stock shortages, analyze shelf placement, and detect incorrect pricing and other information on shelves.


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Cashierless Stores

Use Mighty AI’s platform to create accurate ground truth data and train your models to detect and track inventory as shoppers interact with items throughout the store.


Visual Search

Develop powerful computer vision models that transform images into buying opportunities for shoppers. Mighty AI’s accurate data labeling tools will help you improve search relevance and product discovery across thousands of SKUs.


Other Applications for Retail Solutions

Product Recommendations

Develop AI-powered recommendation engines to create highly personalized shopping experiences.

Customer Assistance

Provide best-in-class customer support using in-store computer vision to assist shoppers with item location and pricing information.

Fraud Protection & Theft Prevention

Build computer vision models that help retailers detect inaccuracies between scanned and bagged items during checkout.

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