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Robotics Solutions

Robotics Solutions

Developing perception systems for robotics requires vast amounts of ground truth data. Let Mighty AI help.

Autonomous Robotics Navigation

An increasing number of robots must navigate complex areas such as sidewalks and offices. Mighty AI’s platform generates datasets to train and validate computer vision models for robotics applications, helping them to safely and skillfully interact with humans and objects in their environment.


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Materials Handling and Object Manipulation

Mighty AI’s segmentation workflows provide accurate and detailed ground truth datasets for your perception systems. Using our data management platform, you can confidently prepare your machines to identify and manipulate objects.


Industrial Environment Perception

Warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments present unique challenges for vision systems. Let Mighty AI help transform your raw data into labeled data that provides an accurate representation of industrial areas, including obstacles, machinery, and other objects of interest to robotics systems.


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