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Company Values


We are driven. We commit to ambitious goals and hold ourselves and each other accountable for achieving them. We have high standards for all of our deliverables and engagements. We make crisp decisions, follow plans, and iterate based on frequent feedback from our customers.


We embrace diversity in all of its forms and believe in equal treatment across all people and ideas. We seek to bring multiple viewpoints to every discussion, debate them, and move forward with unity. Though we span multiple locations, we are one company.


We continually expand our understanding of the industry and our professions so that we can delight our customers both today and in the future. We celebrate our successes, take ownership of our mistakes, and always strive to improve.


We don’t brag, take solo credit for our team’s work or point fingers at failure. We encourage healthy debates and strive for commitment and clarity over winning arguments or getting our own way.


We share the data and context needed for others to fully understand what they are working on, why they are working on it, how success is measured, and how it is performing. We share this information freely within the company, and we don’t build silos.


We have empathy for our customers, the community, and our colleagues. We strive to understand external perspectives and never act solely in self-interest. We trust our teammates to find their own balance while fulfilling all of their commitments and support them in whatever way we can.

* With fond remembrance of our founding CEO Matt Bencke, his Pittsburgh roots, and knowledge that a “MIGHTE” acronym would have driven him nuts. Yinz understand, n’at?